Rebecca L. Brown, born and raised in Fort Myers, Fl is the youngest of thirteen siblings. Known to explore and question the world around her from a very young age, she learned quickly and was considered highly precocious. A lover of knowledge, she is an avid reader and loves broadening her horizons as well as honing her knowledge of self and the world around her. Before entering college she spent two years in the military where she learned discipline and self-control. A lover of words, Rebecca studied 3 years of Latin to gain a greater understanding of word origins. Rebecca’s true passion has always been to contribute to the future through teaching; a gift that keeps on giving. Her favorite hobby is chess and her favorite book is The Holy Bible. She enjoys loving, laughing, and spending time with family and friends. She hopes to one day pen a black experience novel in the vein of some of her favorite authors including Toni Morrison, Maya Angelou, and Zora Neale Hurston.

Adam Kilcrease is a paramedic, 7th grade teacher, and currently serves as president of the Muscogee Reading Association. He was born in Alabama and orignially wanted to become a minister after high school. After becoming a paramedic, he graduated from CSU with a degree in education. Back in Alabama, he became known from his inspiring and entergetic teaching style and has won numerous awards. When not teaching you can catch him playing the piano, running, or on the tennis courts. Adam devotes much of his life to meeting the needs of others in the community and continues to inspire students, parents, and other teachers.

Mary Collins: Mary Collins currently resides in Venice, Florida, and she lives with her husband and two dogs. The author was twelve years old when her first work was published; “The Long Way Home” chronicled the childhood years the author spent at her parents’ country home outside of Pine Mountain, Georgia. Collins continued to explore short story literature throughout her teenage and early college years. After graduation from Florida State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and a minor in English, she ventured forth into pseudo-fictional novels: most of her work is based on real life experience. This began her startlingly rapid climb up the ladder of fame in the literary world. Now an author of eight novels and countless short stories and poems, Collins now focuses on her family and on travelling abroad. She has visited several countries in Europe and is planning a trip to Africa in the fall. She enjoys horseback riding on the beach and walking her dachshund and pug around the neighborhood. Her novels have been named New York Times’ Best Sellers several times, and she is seen as a local treasure in and around Venice, which is the topic of her latest novel “Beach Bum” and is her first memoir.

Kathryn Calmes began her investigative journaling career at the age of 16. Her first article detailed the bullying epidemic that plagues our schools. While studying at the University of Michigan, she traveled to many underdeveloped countries and contributed countless feature articles to the University's newspaper that explored the effects of poverty on education. Today, she continues to focus her writings on educational concerns in hopes that her voice will one day make a difference. These articles and stories can be found on NPR or in The New York Times. Loving life and living on the beach, Calmes currently resides in Florida with her husband, son, dog, and two cats

D'Andrea Townes has spent 23 years on this earth being nothing short of a walking oxymoron. She is loud but shy, passionate but lazy, and reserved but vulgar. A true artist at heart, D'Andrea has won several coloring contests throughout the years, and even became the youngest winner of the Dolores Capitan Award at her undergraduate institution. She now resides in Columbus, GA and needs you to buy her book to pay her rent.

Antron Murray has many years of law enforcement experience. After obtaining a bacholars degree in Health and Physical Education, he decided to pursue his Master's in middle grades education concentrating in math and english. He figured by do this he would be a triple threat by being able to teach Health & P.E., Math or English in middle grades, or (if all else fails) return to law enforcement. Antron spends his free time fishing, playing sports, and enjoying his family.

Dionne Tyson is a certified teacher in the state of Georgia, and is currently completing a masters of education program at Columbus State University. In 2009, Dionne graduated with a B.S. in Middle Grades education, of which led her to leadership opportunities in the educational field. Dionne's latest work has been with CrushHouse Arts Entertainment based in Atlanta, GA as a performing artist and songwriter. Her next pursuit is to establish a community Performing Arts School of Music. Dionne currently resides in Atlanta, GA, where she enjoys spending time with her family, shopping, dinning out, and performing as her alter ego

ALINE BIAZOTTO ANDRÉ is a colorful writer. Yes, that is right! During her years working as an elementary teacher, her students taught her all the secrets of their magical world. As a result, her writing is painted with warmer laughing, cozy times and tight hugs. Her books offer a pleasure pastime for every reader. Recently, she whispered in my ears that she has a secret passion for languages. She speaks Portuguese, German, English, Spanish, Italian, and is studying Dutch just for pleasure. Now, you may understand why her books are filled with words from other languages, aren’t you? Nevertheless, when she gets tired of studying, she goes to her atelier and sews for hours. She told me that these moments are the best to have new ideas for her books. It was during these moments that she wrote her new book “balloons in the air”. But, of course, she ran out of ideas, and when that happens, she wears her backpack and travel to different places. Nowadays, she is living in a bungalow in a Village in Italy with her family and her dogs. Sometimes, when passing through her house, I can see her sewing, so I think… here is coming a new book for our delight.

Wavy_Hair.jpgTrey Yarbrough is an awesome dude who, much to his chagrin, has lived his entire life in Columbus, Georgia. He is currently a high school English teacher and softball coach by trade and an undercover semi-professional musician on the side. He spent several years as the president of an online Star Wars fan club, something he unabashedly shares with his students despite the negative connotations of being a Star Wars nerd and is an avid writer of science fiction short stories. As a high school senior, Trey decided to turn down a potential career as a baseball player to pursue teaching, and as a college sophomore he turned down an opportunity to join an MTV2 television show as a musician to continue pursuing a career in teaching. Despite deciding not to follow a career in baseball, Trey is still a huge sports fan, following his Atlanta Braves, Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta Hawks, and Auburn Tigers as a rabid fan and playing fantasy sports online with a vengeance. He believes that the classroom and education should be fun, and that if students actually want to come to school, they will be more receptive to learning new things.

Brittany Elliott A former PAGE award nominee, Brittany Elliott is a now a world-traveled high school English teacher. She has worked numerous jobs, but most recently has honed her outstanding skills into being an amazing and inspiring person for her tender 9th grade students. After publishing this book, she will be taking a hiatus from writing and school and plans to travel more often. Ms. Elliott hopes to one day be able to say that she had an impact on the lives of many young people.